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Pilot Training Courses

We take a step by step approach to getting your paragliding ratings. Your progress is recorded and each step is at your own pace.

Your instructor will suggest your next steps and you will decide when you are ready to take them.  We provide appropriate ground school for each pilot rating that you choose to take.

Reserve Packing Day

We teach you how to deploy and re-pack your reserve parachute. You will learn the proper attachment, packing and deployment of your reserve chute. We will discuss the manufacture's recommended maintenance and care of this very important piece of your safety equipment.


Flight Safety Clinic

Safety is the focus and starting point for every step in your paragliding training. Our safety program is designed with you, the pilot at the center of the "Circles of Safety" concept we use.  It provides "layers" of safety that cover all aspects of your flying and training activities.


Tandem Flight Training

Your first few flights will be with an experienced flight instructor. It will provide you with the experience of paragliding free flight and your instructor will explain and demonstrate the basic control and safety features of a modern paraglider.

Paragliding Trips

As you progress through your training program there will be opportunities to experience a variety of flying sites. Trips will range from single day trips, weekends and can be up to two weeks long. Your trips will be safe and fun and provide you with the experience and confidence needed to enjoy many hours paragliding flight.

All Your Equipment Needs

At every step of your training we will offer advice and appropriate equipment. As you progress through the training ratings you will learn the value and safety of "good" equipment. We will provide evaluation of your skill level and offer the appropriate top quality equipment when you are ready purchase your own kit.

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