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We have all the equipment you need

All of the equipment that we carry (new, used or rental) is carefully selected for safety. Before you buy any product from us, we invite you to come and try it to ensure that it is suitable for you. Remember, you must have proper training and knowledge before engaging in any paragliding activity. If you see any item you like, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your skillset and then have you try the item out. We will also be happy to discuss any interest you may have in used equipment not supplied by Air Vision Adventures. We will offer you our professional opinion and advise you if we feel that it is not suitable for use while training with us. We reserve the right to refuse training on equipment that we judged not suitable or un-safe. 

Send your paraglider to our designated service centre


Special Offer: When you buy your Novice Flight Training Package from us, the first year end-of-season paraglider inspection is free of charge. Here is how it works:

  • You contact our designated service centre -

  • Give them your paraglider's serial number which we have registered for you.

  • Parafreddo will arrange for your pickup and return.

  • Your return shipping cost and the one-time inspection fee is free of charge.

  • Please note that this offer includes only one return shipment and one regular inspection. It does not include any damage repair or customization or any additional service request.


Parafreddo is our designated service centre. For any questions related to repair, maintenance and reserve chute packing services please contact directly.

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