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"The Auster GT is our second full reflex wing project for exclusive paramotor use. The GT concept means 'Gran Tour' representing a fast canopy, that manages to perform long XC adventures with all possible comfort.

Designed for intermediate qualified pilots, it is a wing that satisfies the vast majority of motorized flight users who search for safety, ease of operation paired with good performance and want to improve safely with a high level of comfort."


Note: SOL paragliders have custom colour combinations. Feel free to experiment with their colour tool and let us know what colours you would like when you order.

SOL Auster GT (12 weeks delivery)

8 weeks
    • 53 cells, 8 of them closed;
    • Dual control - enables and make it easy to perform open flat turns or closer turns;
    • Risers - precise and easy handling of trimmer, speed system and handles;
    • Take-off - easy to launch in short space and with small engine load;
    • Landing - Great flare characteristics allowing soft landings when stalling;
    • Collapses - Full Reflex technology, very resistant to collapses;
    • Speed - Increased speed due to Full Reflex technology;
    • Trimmers for acceleration and braking.
    • Long and tolerating brake length;
    • ​Excellent and precise handling;
    • High internal pressure;
    • Stability in full speed;
    • Light reactions in extreme conditions;
    • ​High passive safety.
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