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"The Easy 3 is a complete harness to suit beginners and regular pilots who want a lightweight harness with good back protection system and great comfort.

To increase comfort and ease, a new geometry in the pilot weight distribution was applied, providing a better and direct response to the pilot's command.

It's new rescue release system simplifies the use of the foot stirrup and speed system. It follows the directives given by the European associations aiming at systems which are easier to handle and less fallible in installation."

Note: Make sure to consult the weight/height table before ordering.

SOL Easy 3 (12 weeks delivery)

  • - Marking for carabiner distance according to each wing size

    - Compartment for personal identification
    - Large baggage pocket 
    - Impact and perforation protection plate
    - Side plate for better load distribution 
    - Shoulder strap attached to seat
    - Large Side pockets

    - Back composed by ergonomic foam back protector and PP
    - Anatomic padded shoulders

    - Passage for hose from the compartment of water
    - Quick lock leg buckles
    - ABS System
    - Easy Trimmer side adjustment and safety strap
    - Adjustable Quick Lock T for 38-55 cm 
    - Independent bridles system according to LTF norm
    - Double System Speed pulley

    - Water hose

    - Reserve paraglider container 5 blades

    - Foot Stirrup

    - Foot Stirrup guide

    - 18cm foam back protector

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