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Why re-packing?

Check your reserve often! (At every pre-flight check, ensure that the handle is attached correctly and the container is closed and secure.)  It should be re-packed if exposed to moisture, extreme heat or has been deployed. As a minimum it should be re-packed at the manufacturer's recommended frequency.

A damp or "stale" parachute will tend to stick together and open slower. Also the rubber bands that hold the lines in order may become sticky, brittle and break over time. They should be replaced during every re-pack.


Where do we do it?

We usually organize a re-pack session in the winter and late fall.  We get together in a facility with lots of open space and "hang" your harness with you aboard so you can actually throw your reserve. The opened reserve is then inspected for mold or rips or other damage and we guide you to re-pack it.

What should you bring?

You will bring your harness, reserve and helmet and wear comfortable clothing.  You will need to bring clean gym shoes or be prepared to walk in your stocking or bare feet to keep the floor clean in the re-pack area. The re-pack takes place on the floor so be prepared to be on your hands and knees. Feel free to bring videos to show and discuss with your flying buddies. Food and smoking is not permitted in the re-pack area.

How long will it take?

​You should plan on spending the afternoon with us.

(Minimum 4 hours depending on the number of pilots)



  1. Briefing and "Air Vision Reserve re-pack handout"

  2. Watch Video

  3. Throw your reserve

  4. Repacking.

How much?

​We charge $45.00 per person if you intend to re-pack your own reserve during the session.

If you want to attend but leave the reserve and harness for us to pack the charge is $75.00

We need a minimum of ten pilots attending to hold the event.

Coffee and water will be provided. (Not in the re-pack area.)

Join us to re-pack your reserve


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