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We are all about the joy of free flying

Air Vision Adventures was acquired by Eric Brent in 2006. Every year Eric and team teach more than half a dozen paragliding enthusiasts the art of free flying. We are the most active air sport adventure school in Ontario.  Check out our website here and learn more about how we can help you start your adventure in the air.

Air Vision Adventures is an HPAC registered paragliding school. In Ontario, more than one third of the paragliding club pilots who have a current HPAC pilot license were certificated by our school! 

We fly all year round. We provide tandem flights for the first-time flyers and we take students and pilots on trips to some of the world's best flying sites several times each year.

We keep our student-to-instructor ratio to no more than 3 to 1. Our students receive the highest quality learning experience

Our top priority is student safety. There has been no accident during any of our trips or tandem flights. We make no compromise when it comes to safety.

Not only are we the most active paragliding school in Ontario, we are also highly involved in paramotoring, Traction Kite Flying and more.

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