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We are all about the joy of free flying

Air Vision Adventures is a small paragliding and paramotor flight school in southern Ontario. 

At Air Vision Adventures, we believe that the sky is not the limit but the beginning of a thrilling journey. Whether you’re taking your first flight or seeking advanced training, our certified instructors are here to guide you every step of the way. With state-of-the-art equipment and a deep understanding of the ever-changing skies, we ensure that every adventure is as safe as it is exhilarating.

Join us to soar above breathtaking landscapes, feel the rush of the wind, and embrace the freest form of flight.

Air Vision Adventures is more than a school; it’s a community of enthusiasts and dreamers united by the love of paragliding and paramotoring. Let’s take to the skies and turn your flying dreams into reality!

Air Vision Adventures is an HPAC registered paragliding school. In Ontario, more than one third of the paragliding club pilots who have a current HPAC pilot license were certificated by our school! 

We keep our student-to-instructor ratio to no more than 3 to 1. Our students receive the highest quality learning experience

Our top priority is student safety. There has been no accident during any of our trips or tandem flights. We make no compromise when it comes to safety.

At Air Vision Adventures, the sky’s always calling, and we answer all year long.


New to this? Our tandem flights are the perfect intro to your sky-high journey. 


We take students and pilots on trips to some of the world's best flying sites several times each year.

Here is a video of a tandem flight in Caraguatatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our favorite place to go to in the Winter.

We’re not just the busiest paragliding spot in Ontario; we’re also big on paramotoring.


 We’ve built our own electric paramotor prototype, and we’re exited about the idea of getting it out to you guys in the future.


Paramotors and paragliders are the most versatile way to fly. It’s the easiest and least expensive way to get up in the air.

You can literally throw your gear in the trunk and head out to fly wherever you want – no hassle.

If planes and jets are like the family cars of the sky, then paramotors and paragliders are the motorcycles. They’re all about freedom, fun, and feeling the wind in your face.

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