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Beginner Training Course

  • The above video shows our students doing a forward launch during tow flight training.

  • Basic flight maneuvers and tow release.

  • Students' training at the airfield

 Beginner flight Training (P1)

During your Beginner Flight Training Course your instructor will help you get in the air and start free flying. Giving you a safe and enjoyable learning experience is our first priority. 


  • Training takes place at the airfield or chosen flying site of the day.

  • 6 Training days including ground handling, forward and reverse launches,  flight maneuvering tasks, and landing

  • Beginner's Ground School

  • Paragliding equipment is included for use during training.

  • Attend one safety clinic from Air Vision Adventures.

  • Additional training days are available for purchase. Please discuss with your instructor for more details.


  • Be at least 18 years of age or have a signature of parent or guardian.

  • Have signed an Air Vision Adventures School training waiver form.

  • Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language.

  • Be of reasonably good health that will allow moderate physical activity and allow the wearing of a helmet and paragliding harness.

  • Keep a logbook of your flying/training activities.

  • Log at least 6 flights under the supervision of your instructor.

  • Complete the Beginner Ground School course.

  • Complete the written HPAC Beginner test.

  • Complete the required HPAC practical "witnessed tasks".

  • Register as an HPAC member (Beginner rating).


Fee and discount
  * New "Pay As You Fly" option is $300.00 per day (No discount)
 (Ground school must be completed prior to Pay as you Fly training)
Beginner Training Package includes rental of:
  • Paraglider -  Harness

  • Reserve chute - Helmet

  • Beginner Flight Training & Ground School

  • Call for product choice and pricing.

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