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Novice Plus Flight Training Course

The above video shows one of our many trips to Brazil. (2024)

Still a fantastic place to fly. Let's go again this year!

  1. launching in low or no wind conditions from mountain sites.

  2. strong wind takeoff.

  3. gain more ridge soaring air time along the ocean ridges.

  4. the basics of thermal soaring.

  • Top landing

 Brazil Novice Plus

Your 14 day Brazil Novice Plus Flight Training Course is designed to build on the flying skills you developed during the Novice Flight Training Course. You will be guided by one of our top instructors who combines both experience and personable teaching style to help you build confidence and to strengthen your flying techniques. By the end of the course you will feel comfortable and safe to take on your next paragliding adventure.


  • Attend a pre-trip info and safety clinic from Air Vision Adventures.

  • Training takes place at the chosen Brazil flying site of the day.

  • Training includes strong and low wind takeoffs, slope and cliff launch, "U" and "S" landing approaches, spot landings on the beach and top landings where the site is suitable.

  • Instructor supervision and radio guidance during training and ridge soaring to help you stay in the lift band longer.

  • Introduction to thermal soaring and radio guidance to help you stay in the thermal longer.

  • Student must fly with his/her own paragliding equipment that is approved by our instructor.


  • Be at least 18 years of age or have a signature of parent or guardian.

  • Have signed an Air Vision Adventures School training waiver form.

  • Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language.

  • Be of reasonably good health that will allow moderate physical activity and allow the wearing of a helmet and paragliding harness.

  • Hold a valid HPAC Novice pilot certificate.

  • Passed a Pilot Skill Assessment test by an Air Vision Adventures instructor if not a registered Air Vision Adventures student.

  • A valid travel VISA for Brazil is required along with your passport.


Fee and discount
  • $2599.00 plus taxes

  • Students who completed Air Vision Adventures Novice Flight Training Course are exempted from taking the safety clinic and will receive a discount of $100.00

  • Flight costs to and from Brazil are not included in this course fee.

  • Accommodation, transportation and breakfasts while in Brazil are included in the fees. 

Additional Info
  • Flyable* - Our instructors approve the weather and wind condition at a paragliding site to be suitable for students to take off, glide and land safely.

  • Some training days may be postponed due to poor weather conditions.

  • Please make your own transportation arrangement to and from the chosen departure airport for the flight to Brazil.
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