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Your paragliding training starts here

introduction dAY


Our Introduction Day was built around potential pilots who aren't sure if paragliding is right for them. The day includes a sampling from all areas of our training programs so that the student can confidently step into the world of paragliding without the fear of wasting their time and money.

Course highlight
  • Work through the process and the gear with our instructors.

  • Get a preview of our course material and instruction style

  • Get a feel for the equipment and towing procedures through hands-on teaching. 

  • Plenty of one-on-one time with our instructors to figure out if paragliding is right for you.

Beginner Ground School

The beginner's ground school is designed for the student that has no previous paragliding or related aviation experience.

The ground school is the first step in your paragliding career.

It will provide you with the "basic" knowledge you will need to safely participate in the sport of paragliding.


Course highlight
  • A detailed look at "Basic Theory of Flight", Paragliding Safety briefing, our "Circles of Safety handout" and Basic Meteorology/Micro-meteorology topics.

  • Receive the course text book and DVD training video ($45 value)​.

  • A short written HPAC beginner's test (required for your HPAC Beginner's certification).

Beginner Flight Training Course


The Beginners flight training covers basic ground handling of the paraglider, layout and pre-flight of the canopy and harness and basic take-off and landing procedures. You will learn the weather and wind conditions that are suitable for your level of flight experience.

By the end of this course you will be able to take-off, demonstrate good control of your airspeed during flight and perform safe smooth landings on your feet. All your flights will be under the direct supervision of your instructor. Communication will be by voice and radio during training and may include tandem flights with your instructor.


Course highlight
  • Training on ground handling, forward & reverse launch, launch on tow & on the hill. 

  • Training on different maneuvering skills, safe landing and speed control.

  • Supply of training paragliding equipment.

  • HPAC Beginner Pilot rating certification.

Novice Flight Training Course


The Novice Flight training is designed to let you build on the skills you have learned from your Beginner Flight Training Course. You will learn to judge conditions at a variety of sites and demonstrate solid forward and reverse launches. By the end of this course you will be able to take-off, demonstrate good control of your airspeed during flight and perform safe smooth turns and complete safe landings on your feet within a 10 meter target area. Communication will be by voice and radio during training and may include additional tandem flights with your instructor.

As a Certified Novice Pilot your flights no longer need to be under the direct supervision of your instructor.

Course highlight
  • Further training to perform different takeoffs including forward and reserve launches.

  • More training to perform safe landing and different landing approaches.

  • Training to apply theory into practice to build strong flight condition assessment skills.

  • Attending one or more of our safety clinics.

  • HPAC Novice Pilot rating examination and certification.

Novice Flight Training Package


The Novice Flight Training Package is for new pilots that have completed their Beginner's training with Air Vision Adventures and decide to commit to this sport. You are now ready to take the Novice Flight Training Course. The most logical next step is to have your own equipment to fly and train with. By this point we have spent considerable time with you building your flying skills and we will have a good idea of the type of equipment that will best suit your flying style and ability. Most importantly, we want to make sure your new equipment will provide a great return on your investment and the joy of flying for years to come.   

Package highlight
  • Choose from one of the two most reputable paragliding manufactures - Nova or SOL

  • Package includes: paragliding, harness, reserve chute and helmet.

  • Receive a 50% discount ($900.00) from our Novice Flight Training Course regular fee.

Novice Plus Flight Training Course


The Novice Plus Flight training is to further strengthen your flying skills. After completing this course, you will have refined your skill level and will feel confident to fly at any intermediate paragliding site. This course is a MUST-HAVE for pilots who are committed to this sport and plan to enjoy safe and fun paragliding for many years to come.

Course highlight
  • Focusing on various launch techniques to handle any wind condition (no wind, strong wind, cross wind, etc.).

  • Advance landing approaches including top landing and spot landing.

  • Introduction to the art of thermal soaring.

  • Attending one or more of our safety clinic.

  • Log more flying hours for your HPAC Intermediate Pilot Certificate.

Novice Challenge Course


The Novice Challenge is for experienced paragliding pilots who have been actively flying for several years but do not have an HPAC Novice Pilot Certification. You have developed a set of paragliding skills and knowledge on your own. You have been soaring at different intermediate paragliding sites for years. This course is your opportunity to quickly bring your skills and knowledge up to the HPAC novice pilot rating standard.

Course highlight
  • A highly compressed Novice Flight Training Course.

  • Ground school and ground handling test all in one day.

  • All flying skill tests will be done at an intermediate site in one day.

  • HPAC Novice Pilot rating examination and certification.

NEW!  Pre-Powered Paragliding Course


This course combines your P1 Beginner paragliding flight training course and the Pre-Powered Paragliding course. 

Course highlight
  • A highly compressed P1 Beginners Flight Training Course.

  • For maximum safety we teach you to fly the wing and then we we add the powered flight training

  • HPAC Beginners P1 Pilot rating examination and certification.

  • P1 Beginner's Ground School

  • Ffying skill training and tests will be done at the Stoney Creek Airport and appropriate free flight sites.

  • Powered Paragliding ground school and test preparation for your Ultralight Powered Paragliding rating

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