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We are a team of air sport enthusiasts providing top quality paragliding training and equipment

Air Vision Adventures Paragliding School has been part of the Ontario paragliding community for nearly a decade. Since 2006, Eric and team have been growing the student-base steadily each year. Most students, after obtaining their license, continue to fly with Air Vision Adventures. Many local experienced paragliding pilots are good friends of our school and often join our paragliding trips and events. Air Vision Adventures has an excellent reputation in Ontario. A number of major paraglider manufacturers including Nova and SOL have chosen us as their distributor for Canada East. We are committed to be Ontario's number one air sport adventure school. If you are looking for a safe, organized and welcoming environment to start your paragliding adventure, you've come to the right place!

Eric Brent

Pilot Skills Development Planning and Safety Best Practices

Eric is a certified HPAC Paragliding Instructor in Canada and Certified ACVL Tandem paraglider pilot / Instructor in Brazil. He has been involved in a variety of aviation activities since 1973, first as a hang glider pilot, a private power pilot, a commercial tow pilot and a sail plane pilot. He has been the owner of Air Vision Adventures since 2006.

Horatiu Szoke

HPAC Paragliding Instructor and Operation Support

Horatiu is a certified HPAC Paragliding Instructor.  He has been involved in paragliding in Romania since 1996 and is an experienced Tandem Pilot, has mountain flying experience and joined Air Vision Adventures in the spring of 2015.

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