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We are a team of air sport enthusiasts providing top quality paragliding training and equipment

Jordan Weber


Jordan aka "Birdboy" can be found in the air whenever the weather permits. He is a Paramotor and Paragliding pilot working on getting HPAC Paragliding Instructor and Paramotor Instructor Rating From Transport Canada. He developed the current prototype electric paramotor at Air Vision Adventures.

Eric Brent

Pilot Skills Development Planning

and Safety Best Practices

Eric is a certified HPAC Paragliding Instructor in Canada and Certified ACVL Tandem paraglider pilot / Instructor in Brazil. He has been involved in a variety of aviation activities since 1973, first as a hang glider pilot, a private power pilot, a commercial tow pilot and a sail plane pilot. He has been the owner of Air Vision Adventures since 2006 and sold the company to Jordan Weber in 2024

Jonny Harms

Grounds Manager/Winch Operator

Jonny Harms has been flying paramotors and paragliders since 2016. If there’s good weather, you can bet he’s up in the sky

He manages Air Vision Adventures Port Burwell site and helps with teaching students as well as operating our winch for towing at our field. 

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