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 Glide & Propel: Paramotor P1 Package 

Your Paramotor/Paragliding Course 

In Ontario’s flat expanse, paragliding sites are sparse.

Picture this — take off from anywhere, explore boundless horizons, and touch down with ease by adding a propeller to your paraglider.

Our Unique Package:

P1 Paragliding: Begin your journey with the P1 rating. Master the art of gliding.

Paramotor Transition: Our collaboration with Toronto Powered Paragliding brings you a certified instructor. Learn the intricacies of paramotor flight.

Ultralight Thrills: In Canada, paramotors are ultralight aircraft. Secure your student pilot permit, pass the Transport Canada exam, and earn your Powered Parachute Ultralight Rating.

Ready for Liftoff? Reserve your spot and redefine freedom in the skies!


This Unique package will not only make you a better pilot from learning skills from the paragliding word to carry over to the paramotor world, but will also save you $850 dollars from taking both courses seperatly.

Having both your Paragliding and Paramotor rating will give you many more opportunities to fly than if you only have one rating 

  • ​Work through the process and the gear with our instructors.
  • Get a preview of our course material and instruction style

  • Get a feel for the equipment and towing procedures through hands-on teaching. 

  • Plenty of one-on-one time with our instructors to figure out if paragliding is right for you.


  • $5,499 plus taxes

Additional Info

You will start off by getting your HPAC P1 Rating, after you are proficient with handling the wing, we will transition you to adding power and get your Transport Canada Ultralight Powered Parachute Rating

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