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The AMX 2 is a sophisticated and robust harness with an aerodynamic design, made for leisure and cross-country pilots who esteem comfort, high-performance piloting and good back and lateral protection systems.

Combining all features of a high-performance harness, additionally the AMX 2 integrates two rescue parachute compartments. The new, more efficient back protector model with less volume outreaches the certification requirements and turns the AMX 2 into a modern shaped and more compact harness compared to other models with the same characteristics.

In order to provide more comfort, this harness has a easy to operate foot stirrup and the new ergonomically optimised seat geometry transmits immediate piloting response at its best.

Completely LTF / EN certified in all aspects: back protection, structure (120 kg) and operation.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.


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