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The Prymus 6, certified LTF/EN A, is a new project that improves on the characteristics of its predecessor through improved aerodynamics of the entire assembly and especially the new, more efficient stabilizers. Since 2001, the Prymus line of paragliders have been the choice for those who want to start flying or for regular pilots who want to fly with peace of mind. The right paraglider for the first flights up to thermals and long-distance flights.


The new Prymus 6 incorporates the latest technologies used in paragliders for safety, performance and ease of flight, allowing pilots to develop flying skills in a safe, comfortable and progressive manner. The Prymus has a history in the world of paragliding training, being the entry-level model and also the option for pilots who want to fly with the maximum possible safety within the sport.

The evolution of pro designs now allows pilots to make great flights without having to change category. 


Prymus 6

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