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The Runner XC is our new paramotor wing for experienced pilots looking for comfort, speed and economy focused on long distance and/or long duration flights.

Its performance is linked to a gain in speed and comfort for long flights. In thermal conditions, its stable behavior provides safety combined with a good climb.

The Runner is available in 7 sizes . For pilots looking for longer flights with comfort and fuel economy, we recommend flying up to the middle of the weight range . For pilots who like more agility and speed at the expense of fuel consumption, we recommend flying close to the maximum indicated weight .

Compared to our other paramotor wings, we can say that it is the evolution of the Flexus and Auster GT and will serve the most ambitious pilot.

Designed for pilots already trained and with a minimum of 80 hours of experience .

The Runner has a hybrid 3-4 line configuration since only this arrangement allows full adjustment of the profile geometry through the operation of the trimmers.

Runner XC

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