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The Sensus One was designed for pilots who “want it all” in a highly safe and reliable kite. If you want the performance you need for XC flying, but prioritize ease of use and safety, and also want a lightweight, versatile kite for everyday flying, then the SENSUS One has what you need. 

LTF/EN A certified is a paraglider model for pilots who seek maximum safety and comfort in their flights and also those who want to combine walking with flying. It has an aerodynamic profile that offers excellent performance in terms of gliding, speed and maneuverability.


Due to the internal construction, the forces are distributed very evenly and this means better damping of unwanted movements and more performance. 

The stiffer battens at the front of the profile provide extremely good inflation and take-off behavior. The Sensus One paraglider is ideal for those who want to enjoy the feeling of freedom and adventure that free flight provides, without giving up safety and confidence. It is available in 8 sizes (17, 19, XXS, XS, XS, S, M, L, XL) and in 3 colors (blue, yellow and red).




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