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Sycross 3 is an evolution in the world of B performance paragliding, developed with a fusion of innovation, precision and performance to enhance your flying experience.

This new model includes a variety of innovations that enhance every aspect of flying. From optimized tension of cell surfaces, to profiles with greater lift, to stabilization with reduced drag, every detail has been carefully refined to provide an unparalleled flight experience.

With in-built high quality materials and impeccable finishing, the Sycross 3 offers exceptional durability and reliability.


The structure of the Sycross 3 is designed for lightness and durability. With an intelligent combination of fabric weighing 29 g/m², 36 g/m² and 40 g/m², the total wing weight is 500 grams less compared to its predecessor. This makes takeoff simpler and more practical than ever. The 12 mm Dyneema Soft Connect risers ensure smooth and dynamic handling, allowing for precise responses to every movement.

Explore the joy of flying and discover a new dimension of freedom in the skies. This exceptionally designed paraglider is the perfect choice for pilots seeking outstanding performance without compromising safety.

SYCROSS 3 - The time is NOW! Taking the passion of flying to a new level.



Sycross 3

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