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MENTOR 7 – Flying beyond boundaries

More performance, precise handling and a reassuring feeling in the air: the MENTOR 7 is the logical progression of the master of its class. Its high performance is more accessible and usable for progressing pilots. The MENTOR 6 exceeds boundaries.

NOVA Mentor 7 (2-3 weeks delivery)

Custom Colour available
2 to 3 weeks
  • For many years the MENTOR has been setting the standard for XC-intermediate wings.  It combines impressive performance with a high degree of passive safety and it encourages you to exceed your boundaries. Using strength analysis optimisation and flow simulation, we have succeeded in elevating the MENTOR 5 to a new performance level.

  • The MENTOR 7 is a paraglider with impressive performance which has - in the hands of an experienced pilot - very manageable handling in extreme flight behaviour. Flying the MENTOR 7 does require a degree of skill. Although certified as EN B, the MENTOR 7 may not be suitable for beginners and occasional pilots. 

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