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"The CXC Pro is a low weight harness developed for competition and XC pilots.

The CXC Pro offers a maximum in comfort, performance and safety with the optional installation of a second front mounted rescue system.

The harness is LTF/EN certified in all requirements – structural, operational and back protection."


Note: Make sure to consult the weight/height table before ordering.

SOL CXC Pro Demo never flown

  • - Closing leg cover
    - Shoulders connection strap
    - Independent bridles system according to LTF/EN norm 
    - Spacious back pockets
    - Rescue compartment container
    - Spacious storage compartment
    - Elastic rig for speed system and foot stirrup
    - Anatomic shoulder cuts
    - Neoprene safety cover on reserve bridle connection
    - Passage for ballast hose exit
    - Reserve Handle
    - Side adjustment with security stop
    - Waist adjustment
    - Intergrated Shoulder-seat regulation
    - Independent ABS System
    - 2 side pockets
    - T-clip Leg connection reminder 
    - 12 cm foam back protector EN/LTF certified
    - Radio holder
    - Quick lock buckles

    - Length and inclination adjustment of the leg cover;
    - Hose exit for camelfly

    - 8L front ballast container 
    - Removable instrument support container

    - Speed pulley.

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